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What happens to my “digital assets” when I die?

Do you have a computer, a tablet or a smartphone? Do you go online to access, store or manage your photos, videos, music, e-books, blogs, movies, bank accounts, medical records, social media, emails, etc? In this blog, our Founding Partner, Delfin Posada explains why it is important that your estate planning includes your digital assets. 

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Inheritance Tax and How It Could Affect You

No doubt you will want to leave a legacy for your family and loved ones, but are you aware you might be liable for Inheritance Tax? Even if you believe you will not be liable, it is always best to check the situation. After all, it could be potentially devastating for your loved ones if later on it was found you are liable for IHT.

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Delfin Posada
Main Points to Consider When Buying Business Property

This articles provides top tips when buying business premises. Many businesses will consider the requirement to operate from or own commercial premises and often this will form a key part of the business plan.  The decision of whether to lease or buy commercial property will usually depend on the financial viability of the business but there are also a number of other factors associated with buying or leasing commercial premises which should be considered.

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Delfin Posada